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🇨🇦 Vancouver, Canada

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About the team

Our Learning Community is a student driven community platform where students, staff and alumni share their stories. The OLC supports knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer engagement by sharing student ideas and perspectives and creating a space where all members of the SFU community are invited to connect and engage. It is a powerful educational and inspirational tool that equips students with relevant knowledge on navigating school, work, and personal life.

My Role

  • Wore many hats in a small startup-like environment, including taking on the lead designer role or the website
  • Increased stakeholder buy-in by implementing based on their feedback.
  • Conducted pilot studies to evaluate and improve the MVP website
  • Created a User Research Testing Training Guide


This opportunity was given to me when I was thinking UX Design is mainly about how to make a pretty interface, or researching design that will cater to your audience. I have entered this position without much knowledge about heuristic evaluations for the existing website. Due to great mentorship from my manager Quentin and the research done on my own time, I have gained a lot of valuable insights regarding the design process and usability principles. I am grateful for this opportunity that allowed me to get a glimpse of being an in-house designer propelling my interest in experience design and making me go into this field.